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  • seminyak villa 302

    Batubelig Villa 302

    Batubelig Villa 302 a five-bedroom retreat, located directly on Batubelig Beach, ten minutes from trendy Seminyak on Bali’s southwest coast.

  • batubelig villa 303

    Batubelig Villa 303

    Batubelig Villa 303 Indonesian for Villa On Top of The Waves is directly located on the beach only a few kilometers north of Legian.

  • canggu villa 201

    Canggu Villa 201

    Canggu Villa 201 beckons guests with the promise of comfort, privacy, space and fabulous ocean views. With elegant interiors and chic

  • canggu villa 214

    Canggu Villa 214

    Canggu Villa 214 enjoys what is quite possibly one of the most spectacular locations in Bali. With uninterrupted ocean views

  • seminyak villa 111

    Seminyak Villa 111

    Seminyak Villa 111, meaning Warrior,Hero, or Noble, is a majestic property resting upon 1,500 square meters 15 are of land in the heart of Petitenget North Seminyak on Bali’s southwest coast.

  • seminyak villa 109

    Seminyak Villa 109

    Seminyak Villa 109 is one of the new villa in Seminyak with 4 bedroom. It is situated in the golden triangle, walking distance to shops and restaurants.

  • ubud villa 701

    Ubud Villa 701

    Ubud Villa 701 Only a few minutes from the centre of Ubud, the two storey, 4 bedroomed, modern luxury Ubud villa set in beautifully landscaped

  • uluwatu villa 801

    Uluwatu Villa 801

    Uluwatu Villa 801 resides on a southwestern tip of Bali, Indonesia, in an area named The Bukit.

Bali Villas

For a perfect holiday solutions in Bali Villas Rental In Seminyak
Having holiday in Bali, one of the most tourist destinations in the world? Especially when you are living in Australia, it’s your neighbor; you can come to Bali in few hours flight. Or you live in South East Asia, wanting to spend your weekend in Semiyak villas or Canggu Villas ? You are in the right place.

Lots to Experience on your Holidays in Bali
Discover the breathtaking beauty of Bali. Experience the beauty and culture of Bali with In Bali Villas. Whether you are looking for romance or a family adventure, reunion, gathering, wedding, party, our Bali Holiday Villas offer unique atmospheres suited to your needs.

Affordable Holidays to Bali
Keep your holiday to Bali affordable. Book with InBaliVillas and enjoy our personalized service and affordable accommodation all around Bali Island. Check out our special offer – you'll be more than just a little temped by our terrific last-minute holidays to Bali. Find the cheapest special offer in Bali, leaving in the next 2 weeks.

So whatever you're after , whether it's an all inclusive beach break or a self catering villa escape – we've got the full range of Bali villa rental to choose from.

Recommended Bali Villas Rental In Seminyak

Location : Seminyak, Bali
Rates: $ 650++| $ 800++| $ 1,050++
Bathroom : 5 Bathroom
Bedroom : 5 Bedroom
Max occupancy : 10 People
Staff : Fully staff
Pool Size : 16m x 4m
Total area of property : 700sqm. Continue reading
Bedroom:4 Bedroom Villa
Daily Rate: From AUD$ 700++ per night
Location: Five minutes from Restaurants
Swimming Pool: 16x5m Private pool
Staff: Fully staffed
Service Available: Daily Breakfast, Manager, Butlers, Wifi Internet connection Continue reading
Bedroom: 4 Bedroom Villa
Daily Rate: From US$ 650++ per night
Location: Five minutes from Restaurants
Swimming Pool: Private pool
Staff: Daily Housekeeping Service
Service Available: Daily Breakfast, Manager, Butlers, Wifi Internet connection Continue reading
Bedroom: 4 Bedroom Villa
Daily Rate: From US$ 1,200 ++ per night
Location: Five minutes from Restaurants
Swimming Pool: Private pool
Staff: Daily Housekeeping Service
Service Available: Daily Breakfast, Manager, Butlers, Wifi Internet connection Continue reading
Area : Seminyak , Bali Villas
Bedroom: 3 Bedroom Villa
Daily Rate: From US$ 740++ per night
Location: Five minutes from Restaurants
Swimming Pool: 14m private pool
Staff: Fully staffed
Service Available: Daily Breakfast, Manager, Butlers, Wifi Internet connection Continue reading

The Bali Holiday highlights
Kuta – it is always become busy place in Bali, best place to learn surfing at Kuta Beach of Bali. There are a few selections of Kuta villas available in this area. Most guest are staying further to the north (Seminyak or Canggu) or Padang Padang for real surfing adventure.

Seminyak - this place is as well known as Kuta now. Most clients who we have been dealing with, they are after villas in Seminyak, walking distance to the beach, close to the shops and provide all services are like daily breakfast, daily maid service, private chef, secretarial assistance by the villa manager. The options of villas in Seminyak are available from one bedroom to 6 bedroom villa or you may get more bedrooms if you stay in a complex villas which are also available in Seminyak Bali.

Canggu - it is located 10 - 20 minutes after Seminyak, Canggu is now getting popular. There are plenty selection of Bali Villas Rental in Canggu. The options available in Canggu Villas are more complete than Seminyak, you can have villas by the beach, villa in the village or residence, villa with rice field view, or villa by river.

Ubud – the art and historical city of Bali, where you can find art shops from wood/ stone carving, painting, silver as well as hand weaving. You can see the people who are producing, creating and designing those art works, it’s amazing. The Ubud Palace is located in the centre of Ubud. Most guests are spending a day in this area, enjoying the culture, do some shopping, cooking class, feed the monkeys then having lunch at Dirty Duck or the Babi Guling of Ibu Oka. If you are not prepared to enjoy local food, there are plenty western food along the way of the city and recommended ones. Staying in Ubud Villa, you will get more time to explore and enjoy all the hidden paradise of Bali and enjoy your exotic hide away.

Sanur – peaceful, calm and quiet, it is best place for those who are seeking for a place for retirement, not much activities but enjoying the white sand beach and beauty of Bali. Sanur villa is the best option for you.

Uluwatu , Jimbaran and Nusa Dua - these places are located south of Bali. Jimbaran is about 15-30 minutes drive from the airport with all selection of Jimbaran Villas and Uluwatu Villas that have spectacular view of Kuta, Seminyak and Canggu , especially during the night. Nusa Dua is where the most 5 stars hotels are located, however now there are few options villas in Nusa Dua are available for holiday rental.

Candi Dasa - East coast of Bali, its about 2 hours drive from Bali International Airport. The experience, the beauty of Candi Dasa beach pays your long journey. As soon as you arrive at your Candi Dasa villas you will know that you will get an unforgettable holiday experience by visiting this place. Lovina - North of Bali, it is about 3 hours driving from the airport. On the way you will pass Bedugul, is a mountain lake resort area in Bali. There is Danau Bratan in the middle with beautiful scenery. Strawberry, cabbage, potato, cucumber and all vegetables are planted in this area to supply the needs of people in Bali. Gitgit waterfall is about 30 minutes to Lovina. You can find a few Lovina Villas available in this area, however it is still with friendly people of Bali.
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